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Watch Out! Its behind you!

S'up guys?

So I got busy again last night and today I bring ye...


Most images are from the David and Goliath store, but one I found browsing Google for something colourful, and another was on a tee-shirt I /REALLY/ wanted over the summer.

They're on the mesh by the fantastic Club Crimsyn, included thanks to their awesome rules.

So here is what you get.
1. Spoon = Fork
2. Tought Cookie
3. Rock n Rule
4. Rehab
5. Band of Pirates (Two images in one)
6. Darkside Cookies
7. Unisex
8. Medusa's China Doll
9. Peas on Earth
10. Party Animal
11. Finding Jesus
12. David and Goliath Collectin (The small icon type cluster)

So, as usual, terms apply. Upload, eidt and what not, but no paysites. Ever. Or the exchange. It would bring about the end of the world it you did.

Get 'em here --> Click it!
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The Eco fascination got to me

S'up! I made a house for you guys to have fun with.


Firstly, there are some pay meshes used, but I've included them cause basically, paysites suck. So you won't have to worry about that, but props to cyclonesue for making them, cause they are pretty funky.

Mostly, I tried to use maxis, but there are some custom contents in there, but they're file-share friendly, and will of course recieve full props.

Finally, what you should know is that to get the kitchen to show up, you're gonna need to go to get the california set 1 meshes. Its a free site, so I'll follow their policy of not sharing. At least, as far as I'm away its free...

I have all EP and SP, so if you want it, you'll have to clean install. I hold no responsibility if it borks in your game.

Anyway, some pictures.


So, like I said. Clean install. I cannot repeat this enough. I KNOW i used M&G in this. Also, the fridge under the stairs hasn't been tested but i think it should be usable.

Anyway, same Terms as usual. No claiming as your own, no exchange, no paysites (or you'll die a VERY painful death at the hand of my spoon army). You can use in pics and vids, you can modify and mash as much as you like. I'd love a little credit if you can be bothered but I won't hurt you if you don't. But the flying monkies might.

Download ---->